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At Voasi Corp., we take pride in our work and like to show it off. Since we keep our client base low, only working with a handful of clients, we always show positive returns from your investment into an internet marketing strategy. Click the "Read More" to the right to see an effective SEO campaign we put together - changing the life of the business owner.

Pacific Bulletproof Co. is a bulletproof glass company, specializing in cut-n-ship and installation of bulletproof glass and
fiberglass. They ship nationwide materials including bulletproof doors, transactions windows, package receivers and deal trays.


Voasi Corp . did a strategic analysis of performance keywords and competitor websites. Below is a snapshot of unique

What this graph represents: In 8 short months, Pacific Bulletproof traffic stats have doubled resulting in over 9500
targetted, unique visitors each and every month.

Having more traffic doesn't necessarily mean more business. We focus on keywords that drive quality traffic from
internet users looking for your products or services. The graph below represents growth of leads:

What this graph represents: By gaining 3 times as many leads on a monthly basis, Pacific Bulletproof has been
able to close $250,000 worth of new business each and every month, which has had a compounding affect on there
business.Ready to see what Voasi Corp. can do for you? Use our contact form to the right and we'll contact you in the next 24 hours. We look forward to making you our next case study!